My Work

What I do

I’m here to take care of the easy tasks, so you can focus on what really matters

Administrative support

managing emails and phone calls, scheduling appointments and meetings, organizing files and documents, and handling basic bookkeeping tasks. By taking care of these administrative tasks, I can free up your time and resources for other important aspects of your business .

Customer service:

Answering phone calls and emails, providing product information and troubleshooting assistance, and processing returns or exchanges. handling complaints and resolving issues to ensure customer satisfaction. Providing excellent customer service support is essential for businesses looking to succeed in today's competitive marketplace and I can help you with that.

Social media management

Creating and curating content, scheduling posts, and monitoring engagement on various social media platforms. Responding to comments and messages, tracking analytics to measure the success of social media campaigns, and staying up-to-date on industry trends and best practices. I can help your business maintain a consistent social media presence and build a strong online following.

Event planning

Organizing events, booking venues, coordinating vendors, and managing guest lists As your virtual assistant, I can provide event planning services remotely by communicating with clients via email, phone, or video conference and coordinating with vendors and venues as needed. This ensures that your event is well-planned and executed, saving you time and reducing stress.

E-commerce support

managing online stores, processing orders, and handling customer support for e-commerce businesses. This involves communicating with clients via email, phone, or video conference and using online tools and platforms to manage orders and track inventory. By providing e-commerce support, I can help your business streamline the online operations and improve the customer experience, which leads to increased sales and revenue.


conducting market research, competitor analysis, and other types of research to support business decisions. As your virtual assistant, I will provide research services remotely by conducting online research, analyzing data, and presenting my findings in a clear and concise manner. this will help your business and save time and resources while still making informed decisions based on reliable information.

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